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What is WordPress Maintenance

WordPress maintenance is the whole set of activities (or “chores”) that you need to be taking care of regularly in order to keep your site running in good health.

Tasks that can be considered part of ongoing WordPress maintenance


WordPress core updates, plugin updates, theme updates. This is a key element of all WordPress maintenance efforts, as not updating is one of the main reasons why websites get hacked.


This is taking care of your site’s internal structure to make it easier to rank on Google etc.

Uptime monitoring

Uptime monitoring is making sure the website is up and running 99.9% of the time.

Performance optimization

Performance optimization is making sure that the site works/loads fast.


Database and files. And also making sure that the backups that you have do work. It’s actually reported that around 76 percent of WordPress users don’t use any backup plugin, so it’s not like backing up is common knowledge.

Server-related maintenance

Server-related maintenance is everything you’d normally do in cPanel.


Scans, malware checks, security monitoring in general.

Comment spam handling

Blocking of spam comments.

What could go wrong if you don’t maintain your site

1. You Get Hacked

According to Wordfence, the most attacked things in WordPress are: vulnerabilities in PHP code (core, plugins, themes), login pages, older apps hosted on the same server, config files, and the web server itself.

Turns out, hackers don’t really spend that much time picking the sites they will hack (unless you’re a huge brand). Most of the time, attacks are vulnerability-based, not website-based. Meaning, an attacker doesn’t pick a target and then tries to find a way in, but rather picks a known vulnerability, and then tries to find all the websites that can be attacked with it. In that light, everyone’s a target, no matter how big or small. And not maintaining your site is the first step to becoming a victim.

2. You Loose Data

Data Loss is often even worse than getting your website hacked. If you don’t have a reliable (and working) backup in place, you’re risking not only the site, but perhaps your entire business. And it doesn’t take much. For instance, a server malfunction, a problem with the cache, a virus on your own computer – the one you use to access the admin user on your site, and probably a myriad of other reasons.

3. You Lose SEO

Did I say that data loss is the worst? Scratch that, if you rely on incoming traffic from Google then having your rankings dropped can be even worse than that. Google punishes infected sites severely.

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